If you want to establish a closer relationship between your vet and your dog you can upgrade to HeyrexPro and include your vet in the monitoring of your dog's wellbeing. In the event of your dog becoming unwell your vet has complete access to the HeyrexPro veterinary records to aid with diagnosis as well as treatment planning and monitoring.

Which Heyrex™ is right for you?
Biosensor unit
Wireless Receiver
24-hour monitoring of wellbeing
Web-based access to all information
Calendar for key dates
Online & helpdesk support
Vet access to your dog's monitoring history
Personalised messaging with you and your vet
Advanced vet support - treatment monitoring
Advanced vet support - recovery supervision
Multiple graph display options



Rewards scheme

Each month a HeyrexPro customer is randomly selected to receive a reward. It's our way of thanking you for your loyalty to Heyrex. You and your dog could be receiving a month's supply of petfood or pet treats, or maybe some great new pet toys. You don't need to do anything, we make the monthly draw from all current HeyrexPro customers and if you've won, we'll notify you via phone or email.

heyrexproimg.pngVet access to your dog's monitoring

As a HeyrexPro customer you can share the 24/7 monitoring of your dog's wellbeing with your vet. All you need to do is select your vet from the drop-down menu when you register and your vet can then monitor your dog's health and wellbeing along with you.

Advanced veterinary support - Treatment monitoring

Your HeyrexPro monthly subscription enables your vet to monitor the progress of any treatment your dog is on. You can rest easy knowing that your vet is keeping an eye on your dog's recovery and can therefore quickly recommend any fine-tuning to your dog's treatment programme.

Advanced veterinary support - Recovery supervision

In the event of your dog becoming unwell your vet will have complete access to the HeyrexPro veterinary records to aid with progress monitoring. If HeyrexPro has been monitoring your dog's behaviour from before the condition started your vet is better informed to supervise their recovery.

Multiple graph display options

As a HeyrexPro customer you have the option of viewing your dog's behaviour in a variety of different graph formats. This means that if you'd prefer viewing a bar chart rather than a line graph you can choose to do so.

Personalised messaging

With HeyrexPro your vet can send a message to you with, for example, instructions on a change in feeding routine or reminders about appointments.

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