Why you need Heyrex

There's simply nothing else like Heyrex

  • Provides peace of mind when you're away.
  • Builds a picture of your dog's activities and reports back to you.
  • Helps identify the signs dog health conditions like arthritis and skin allergies.
  • Reports on changes in your dog's wellbeing.
  • Allows you to know what your dog has been doing from
    anywhere... even your smart phone.
  • Enables your vet to extend their monitoring of your dog
    beyond the clinic*.


* Vet notification only with Heyrex Pro™ version


Heyrex™ is the revolutionary new way to monitor your dog's wellbeing. Heyrex gives you peace of mind by staying in touch with your pet wherever you are, it captures your dog's behaviour 24/7 and reports online, and it notifies you of your dog's wellbeing.
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If you want to establish a closer relationship between your vet and your dog, then you can upgrade to HeyrexVet™ and include your vet in the monitoring of your dog's wellbeing. In the event of your dog becoming unwell your vet has complete access to the Heyrex veterinary records to aid with diagnosis
as well as treatment planning and monitoring.
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Which Heyrex™ is right for you?
Biosensor unit
Wireless Receiver
24-hour monitoring of wellbeing
Web-based access to all information
Calendar for key dates
Online & helpdesk support
Vet access to your dog's monitoring history
Personalised messaging with you and your vet
Advanced vet support - treatment monitoring
Advanced vet support - recovery supervision
Multiple graph display options



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