Heyrex Announces Partnership with
NZ LandSAR Search Dogs!

Heyrex has announced that, from December 2013, it will begin working in Sponsorship Partnership with New Zealand LandSAR Search Dogs, NZ LandSAR is the volunteer organisation that provides land search and rescue services to the Police and LandSAR search dogs is a specialist group under LandSAR.

Heyrex will provide LandSAR Search Dogs with 30 clever monitors and 30 Torus Ultimate Water Bowls, so their handlers can ensure their dogs are in optimum condition to perform a range of demanding duties.

LandSAR Search Dogs rely on highly trained, fit animals to provide search and rescue support for the lost, missing and injured in New Zealand. Their dogs often work in severe and uncompromising conditions, often in alpine and remote wilderness environments.

Heyrex believes that their core values align perfectly with LandSAR Search Dogs, and that the partnership will result in a cohesive and mutually beneficial affiliation between the two.

Heyrex CEO Nathan Lawrence says: “We are delighted with the collaboration between NZ LandSAR Search Dogs and Heyrex. We identified early on that the fit for us was perfect. They save lives using highly specialised and trained search dogs. We monitor activity and wellbeing for better health through revolutionary technology. We very much look forward to forging a stronger partnership over the coming years.”

Lawrence believes that the use of Heyrex’s innovative products has the potential to extend the working life of LandSAR search dogs, track activity and fitness levels and act as a safeguard from exhaustion and performance-related injuries.

The Heyrex monitors will allow SAR Search Dog handlers to collate data related to their dog’s behaviour, allowing them to identify when behaviour changes, improves or indicates a health problem. They will then be able to interpret that data and take decisive action if an issue arises. Heyrex can operate effectively in conditions between -10 degrees and 55 degrees Celsius, they are completely waterproof and durable.

The Torus Ultimate Water Bowl employs carbon-filtration to provide clean water and is able to replenish itself from a reservoir housed in the water bowl casing. It is ideal for use at the field base by LandSAR Search Dogs, providing fresh, filtered water no matter where in the New Zealand they’re working from.

In addition, Heyrex has announced that for every sale they receive through LandSAR Search Dogs, they will donate $20 to the volunteer organisation. They will also donate $10 for every Torus sale they receive through LandSAR Search Dogs.

The partnership continues until the 30th November, 2014. For more information please visit www.heyrex.com or searchdogs.co.nz

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