Q. How do I change the batteries in my Heyrex monitor?

The Heyrex monitor takes two CR2032 batteries. These can be purchased from most battery retailers, including supermarkets.

To change the batteries, remove the Heyrex monitor from its casing and remove the battery cover. This will require a small Phillips-head screw driver. Next remove the flat batteries (note how they are inserted).
Attention! Do not insert the new batteries in the "normal" configuration.

You will be used to installing batteries so that they all face the same way. Inserting the batteries into the monitor in this configuration will cause them to short circuit and make them unusable.                                                           
Instead, take the two large flat surfaces of the batteries and put them together, so that the batteries are back to back. Slide the batteries between the two long contacts in the battery compartment, ensuring that the top bar is on top of the batteries to hold them in position. Replace the battery cap and gasket, ensuring that the gasket is flat against the cap without wrinkles, and press down firmly until it clicks into place.

View the demonstration video below.

Changing the Batteries

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