Q. I’m having trouble attaching my Heyrex monitor onto my dog’s collar.

Attaching a Heyrex monitor to your dogs collar is easiest if you have removed the surround from the monitor first. Then the collar needs to be threaded on to the back of the surround. The method for doing this varies depending on whether you have a buckle style or a clip style collar.

The videos below demonstrate the different ways needed for each type of collar.

Heyrex has been designed to fit a range of collar sizes, and each monitor comes with a collar adaptor for larger collars. Extremely small collars may also need to use the collar adaptor to prevent the monitor falling off the collar.

Heyrex will not fit a choke chain, or any collar with a large number of studs. Also some extremely wide collars will not work with our adaptor and in these situations you may need to invest in a new or additional collar.


Attaching the Heyrex monitor to a clip collar
Attaching the Heyrex monitor to a buckle collar

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